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Hi, I’m Vanessa DeBurlet

I have gravitated to Marketing and Sales all of my life mainly because I knew that in this case skills + effort  = more pay!   In the workforce…hard work did not = more pay.  I can remember working next to fellow employees that basically should have been fired for lack of work.  I questioned why they were paid the same and I was doing double the work.  My work ethic has stayed in tact, but I was always trying new gigs. I think I might be called a serial entrepreneur?    

Do you ever think there has got to be more?  Has your life become mundane…same old 9-5 grind?  Technology has made it possible for us to learn the skills and reach whatever goals we set.  There is no ceiling!!  I love this!  It’s funny because I had planned on retiring on my little farm (you’ll hear about this) and just live in the middle of the woods with no connection to the outside world.

And here I am – Thriving and excited to teach you how to build an online business!  Learn it and you can EARN it, The world is yours, My friend!